About Theatre Photo Shoot. 

For the best results, I photograph a theater project at least twice… it can be either two rehearsals or one rehearsal and the performance itself. Some theatrical projects are desirable to photograph three times to achieve real serious results. Then I process some of the photos in my own processing in order to create and better convey the very atmosphere of the performance, and I also give the rest of the successful photos with additional color correction. This package includes portraits and a long shot and a middle shot, and possibly working moments in rehearsal, and preparation, and props, and depending on the performance, it may be a black and white project, it may be a color project… You will receive a special link for downloading photos, which is valid for three months to a year, as if it were an additional hard drive on your computer. You have two options for downloading: “easy” photo for the Internet and in original quality. You can share this link with those people who interest you and they can also download all the photos from the provided link without any problems. It is very convenient for you and saves you a lot of time. Also, you can immediately mark the most liked from all the photos, which will be automatically added to the “favorites” folder, so that later you have easy access to these photos. An example of a theatrical photo shoot at this link:

Theater’s Photo Projects